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Thursday 24th Oct

boat-in-stormThe Storm and the Boat

As we worshipped a number of us mentioned the image of us on a boat in the middle of a storm. We are frequently overwhelmed and fearful due to the violent storm around us, but Jesus is with us in the boat and it is his presence which will overcome the storm. We often wish Jesus would get up and calm the storm sooner, but he will do so at the perfect time. Until then we must have faith that whilst Jesus is with us, the storm will not overcome us.

Lord Jesus, help me to trust in You, the one who can and will overcome every storm.

abide-with-meAbide in my love

God reminded me that it's all about Him and it doesn't depend on me, my abilities, faith or witness.  I felt God telling me yet again so patiently that He is responsible for things, not me and the most helpful thing I can do is abide in his love and he will do the rest. It is so simple but every part of me rebels against the grace he gives! I felt God reminding me that rather than always trying to do good stuff for him, if I just relax and rest in his love he will show me who is on his heart.

Father God, you invite us to "be" with you before we ever "do" for you. Help us to abide in and be led 
your love.

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