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Saturday 5th July 2014

Day 2 on Cape Town, and the sun decided to shine on the team for a record breaking... 10 MINUTES!! Sharon (the Christ Church curate/holiday club leader) and Grant have been preparing and equiping us for next week’s holiday club, but mainly trying to contain our excitement for now that the team is really bonding! Today we had a nice early start ready to practice the worship songs, energetically led by Caz. We also had to perfect our dance routines, yes you read correctly! Every day of holiday club involves 'leading by example' by mainly prancing around the hall like idiots!

We are really enjoying ourselves though! We have spent a considerable amount of the last two days spiritually and mentally preparing for the holiday club and how we can best show God's love to the children over the next week.

All the drama rehearsals are underway! Hannah is deep in preparation for her role as Harriet the Hippo, whilst Matt is absolutely relishing his role as King Grace, which involves everybody bowing at his feet!

We are extremely grateful to the Constantia parishioners who have been cooking us delicious stews and soups to sustain us in the freezing cold church hall! Many numb hands and feet have been returning to hosts for warm fires and hot chocolates!
Tonight as a team we reflected in what our values for the holiday club were. We decided that the heart of our intentions were to provide security, to act with kindness and to unite together as a team, as we enter a week of teaching, fun and laughter.
There is so much to look forward to! We cannot wait to get started on Monday.

Love Hannah and Caz


Hannah and Caz, 05/07/2014

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