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Late Saturday evening 5th July 2014

Even watching the football has not been able to keep Grant and the Brands awake for the entire duration of the Dutch/Costa Rica World Cup game. It's been another full day of training and I guess the emotional stress is the thing that has tired us the most. The two teams, our UK bunch and the local team of leaders, have really got on very well, and continue to grow in strength as a team.
Sunday morning will see us in two services, namely one at 7:30, in which Jenny and Stephanie will have an opportunity to speak as they are interviewed by the preacher. So it’s a really early morning call for the girls. At the 9:15 service, Hannah and Ricardo will have the chance to share in a similar way as they answer similar questions that relate to the passage being taught. The text for Sunday is Romans 7:15 - 25a where Paul speaks of doing what he doesn't want to do, but ends up doing it anyway. So a really powerful text so please pray for our young people as they speak of their own experiences.
Most of Sunday will be spent at the church finishing off any last minute preparations and we'll end the day will dinner together and devotions before heading off homewards for an early night. As the girls have written earlier, we are enjoying the most generous hosting by the Christ Church Constantia family and their provision of meals for our training time has been outstanding. 
It has been cold and very wet and these warm meals have got us through the day. Please pray with us for good weather for next week as the club programme has an indoor and outdoor component. And pray for the many young people who will be attending.


Grant Everson, 06/07/2014

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