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Sunday 6th July 2014

life cape town logoHi everyone! Today was amazing!! Jenny and I woke up at 6:00am (which doesn't sound amazing but it really was an awesome day!) ready for another busy day in Cape Town. We layered up as it was another freezing day! Greeted warmly with fried eggs and bacon made by Saskia (our host), we were all set! Jenny, Izzie and I are all sharing a bedroom and we were surprised that we managed to not wake Izzie up! After breakfast, Grant came to pick Jenny and I up at 7:00am and took us to the 7:30 church service where we were going to speak. The lady running it, Connie, asked us a couple of questions and then after the service, we had tea before going to our second service of the day where the other members of the team joined us. In the second service, Hannah and Ricardo spoke. After a long, tiring but good morning, we went to the church hall to finish setting up for the African Safari Holiday Club starting tomorrow organising: drama, costumes, stationary and finalising the plan for the day. We then had lunch with a couple from another local church and after lunch they spoke to us about all our hopes and fears for the week and answered our questions. We then played team building games before having a prep talk by Sharron (the person running the club). We then went to the leaders' house where we had dinner with all the team. We had some amazing and hilarious conversations over dinner and while watching the Men's Wimbledon Final which indirectly helped us bond so well! I will never forget laughing so much in my life!!! We then went back to our hosts and had tea and rusks (special tea-dunking biscuits!) and then went to bed to have a good nights sleep ready for the holiday club tomorrow. ??



Stephi, 06/07/2014

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