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Thursday 10th July 2014

life cape town logoMy apologies that we missed a day of blogging. Thursday has been pretty full on and a real feeling of things going really well with the Holiday Club but left us also mindful of the little time left in working with these lovely children.
As programmes go, today has been really superb with things feeling better and better. I am totally loving working with the entire team, that being our young people from Life and Holy Trinity, Tulse Hill, and our friends from Edgemead, Cape Town. It is amazing how teams are bonded together by a common purpose and none so true than our team. It is hard to imagine that we all met but a few days ago but it feels like months. That is the spin-off of the "island effect".
My own experience these past two days has been of joy, the joy of being part of a club that we hope will both challenge and leave a lasting memory on the lives of some of the children attending. It was also a time of sadness as I was able to attend a memorial service of a young man who passed away recently due to cancer. He was 34 and as a teenager was a member of the youth ministry programme I was responsible for. At the service I also saw other young adults who had previously been involved in the youth group who were now married, and one young lady had her four month old baby with her. I was reminded of this cycle of life but felt again privileged to be part of so many different lives.
Some of the young people will probably write more about their current experience of the Holiday Club, but Julia and Julian were able to visit and meet some people involved in a project called The Warehouse. It is a BESOM type project, only bigger, but they had small beginnings in a renovated little car garage. Julian's comment was that Julia came back "absolutely buzzing". So I'm really glad the Brands were able to see a picture what what The besom in Leatherhead could possibly look like in the future.
This afternoon we just needed to get away and do something relaxing and so we found some tennis courts and appreciated the immense pleasure it gave us of some welcome exercise. Thank you for your continued prayers. Its the final day of the Holiday Club, final crafts, final play and final small group time. Please pray with us for the message of hope through Jesus that we are leaving with the children at the end of this week.

Grant Everson, 11/07/2014

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