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Tuesday 15th July 2014

life cape town logoThe last two days working down in the Westlake community has been a real blessing. We went looking to work and make a difference, but as we started the days with devotions and worship, we were keenly reminded of God at work among us. I think we became so programme focussed that we forgot about God's Spirit at work in us personally.
The past two days of worship has had the team praying for and with eachother. I know we take that as a given, as something the team will naturally do, but more prayer for the programme than our own spiritual journey.
Some of the young team have expressed a profound challenge by God about the things they are coming home to and the choices and sacrifices they will make. That for me is very inspiring
Our last evening ended with a good old braai (that's a bbq) and its true that South African's braai no matter the season or the weather. One of the families from Christ Church graciously opened their home to host this "farewell" meal time. I know we travelled to help run a holiday club programme and be involved in a deprived community, and our focus on that meant that we have been somewhat blind to the many people who have played pivotal roles during our stay here, be they hosts or people who have cooked meals or baked biscuits. 
Tonight was as much about honoring them as saying good bye to us. In the morning we'll hit the road to Cape Town International Airport to board a flight that leaves at 1:15pm bound for Dubai Airport and Cape Town will be at our backs.
Revd Sharon Davis, the curate, was instrumental in making the whole trip happen and be the success it has proven to be. So this is an opportunity to say WELL DONE and thank you for all the organising and arranging she did in the weeks that led up to the trip.
Ashtead and Tulse Hill we'll see you soon.

Grant Everson, 29/06/2014

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