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2007 Overhaul

In recent years the bells had become harder to ring. The 'going' of the bells was not so good and this appeared to accentuate the odd struckness of some of the bells.


After professional inspections of the bells and thier fittings, a costed recommendation was put to the PCC by Richard Trueman (Ringing Master) and Jophn Kester (Churchwarden). The PCC authorised the application for the necessary faculty and the placing an order for the required works.


Nicholson Engineering Ltd were engaed to replace the bearings and pulleys and to adjust the hang radii and clapper throws of certain of the bells. All the clapper fittings were renewed. The Tenor was 1/8th turned to bring a new striking surface to bear.


The work was completed during October and November 2007.  Grants towards the work were received from the Bell Restoration Fund of the Guildford Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers and from the Bell Repair Fund of the Surrey Association of Change Ringers.


3rd & 4th in pits

The picture on the right shows the 3rd and 4th bells sitting in their pits having had their headstocks, clappers, wheels and bearings removed. The 4th Headstock can be seen resting across the frame with its bare gudgeon pins where the bearings have been removed




 Tenor after 1/8th Turning

The picture on the left shows the Tenor bell having been re-drilled and 1/8th turned and re-fitted to its headstock. The headstock is resting on wooden V-shaped blocks on the frame whilst awaiting the refurbished bearing cases to come back from the workshop.

Richard Trueman, 05/10/2008