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Wednesday 9th Oct


The Dam

I saw a huge dam and behind it the water has been building as we have gathered all over the parish to worship and seek God more and more with expectation. This has been going on unseen and possibly leaving people discouraged as it didn't meet their expectations as no water appeared to flow. I felt challenged to keep going even if nothing seemed to be happening because God is always at work whether we are aware or not. At some point I believe the dam will overflow and as it does we will be encouraged all the more. The dam will then crack and eventually break entirely. 

Deep waterInto the deep water

I felt God spoke to me loads last night. His presence was palpable! I felt I was walking behind Jesus along a beach. He was asking me to follow and He then turned and I started walking into the water. He asked me to follow and said 'will you still trust me when you can't touch the bottom? When you're out of your depth?' I was reminded then of the words of the song Oceans:- Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders Let me walk upon the waters Wherever you would call me Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander And my faith will be made stronger In the presence of my Saviour.
This is so where I'm at! God is asking me on many levels to step out and trust Him but it may encourage others too.

The castle or the pavement?


We heard a word about our tendancy to sleep rough on the pavement when we have been invited to live in the most amazing castle and are free to enter.

 I just loved the castle/fortress that we only have to say 'yes' to.  And then to get up off the pavement outside and just walk right in.

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