Introducing Housegroups

Housegroups are small groups of people from St Giles and St George who meet on a regular basis during the week. There are about 40 groups with about 500 people involved. They meet in peoples homes to worship together, study the bible, and to care and pray for each other. In doing so they are building and strengthening relationships in the whole body of the church. There is also an outward focus to housegroups as a platform that enables the church to grow.

Community2You begin to feel part of God’s family

Housegroups are the backbone to the church’s life. We encourage everybody to belong to a small group of some kind so that they are growing spiritually and can develop their place in the life of the church and full potential as a Christian.

Many people who have been a part of a group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop. St Giles and St George have a lot of people so one of the best ways of getting to know others in the church is to join a housegroup.

You will be able to give and receive pastoral care

 Housegroups provide excellent support in times of need, change, crisis or stress. They are a group of people that you can pray with and stand one another.

You will be able to use your God given gifts
The bible teaches us that every Christian is given gifts to benefit others in the church. In a small group we can learn about and use the gifts God has given us. This will help us to grow in our faith, be a blessing to others and to be a “transformed community for Christ”.

So how do I join a group?

Fill in the form below. Someone will call you back to chat it through as soon as possible. Community
Talk to someone you know who is already in a group or perhaps the leader of that group. You may be able to join that group.
Talk to Sharon Seal, 813200, sharon.seal@ashteadparish.org or to Nico Ohlsson, 813334, nico.ohlsson@ashteadparish.org.
If you are unsure about joining a group then why not ask Sharon or Simon for a taster, we will find a group for you to visit.

Being part of a housegroup opens up avenues for serving in existing ministries and also developing further areas of church life.
St Giles and St George have many ongoing projects, groups and areas that need help and leadership. Having the initial connection of a group is a great starting point for future involvement in the church and receiving support in this involvement.

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Simon Butler, 07/03/2008