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The Besom is an independent charity which works in partnership with local churches. It connects those who want to give and those who are in need in our community, whether it is doing one off practical projects in people's homes or offering good quality furniture and clothing to those who have little or none. 'We believe that by getting actively involved, our hearts and eyes are opened, and we understand more of God's love for those in need.'


Click here for more information, email or call one of the team on 07904 679380
The Besom in Ashtead Epsom & Leatherhead
Unit 3 Brook Willow Farm
Woodlands Road
Leatherhead KT22 0AN
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"I said no to prayer" 


Besom met a man who asked for bunk beds so his two young daughters could stay overnight when they visited. The flat was small so bunk beds were not the answer; a sofa bed would be a better option. He had separated from his wife, become unemployed and had health problems so this client was hurting.

GOD was not in his life.
Shortly after the visit we returned to explain that we had received an answer to prayer and that we would be delivering at 5pm that day. He was quite taken aback in a nice way.
We arrived at 5pm and invited him to look at the sofa bed in the van. It was a green patterned sofa bed in spotless condition which had been hardly used. In addition there was a duvet, duvet cover, two pillows, pillow cases and sheets. Next to them  was a new ironing board and a red patterned rug, items which he had also mentioned. There were also two mountain bikes in the van. He had been trying to get a bike and was delighted to take one.
He helped to carry the items to the first floor flat. What had been a caustic first meeting was now mellow and friendly. He said “the man above is looking out for me”.
We asked if we could pray with him. His  answer? “I said no to prayer in the past but please do”.
We left him a different person blessed by GOD, who had met his needs within a few hours.
Prayer works.

 If you would like to help, and witness God's work we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 07904 679380 or e-mail us at:
The Besom in Ashtead Epsom & Leatherhead
Unit 3 Brook Willow Farm
Woodlands Road
Leatherhead KT22 0AN



Tony Hopper, 11/10/2012