Help for the Community 


At Home

We visit many people each week in their homes; for various reasons (illness, depression, loneliness, trauma etc). One of the pastoral assistants would initially visit and continue for a specific time. We would hope to draw alongside and support the person during this time in their lives. If we felt that it would be beneficial, we would offer a more regular visitor, for this reason we have a visiting team. These folk visit one or two people for as long as they need, most often it’s because of loneliness, long term illness or frailty.
Valerie Beaumont Tel: 01372-275511

Hospital Visiting

Each week we visit people in hospital in Epsom, Ashtead and Leatherhead. Being in hospital can be an anxious and fearful time, regular visits to talk, listen and pray are an important way in which we can care, not only for church members but also for those in the wider community.
Peter Longhurst Tel: 01372-815626