Help for the Community 


One to One listening

It’s quite usual to chat to someone informally but in one to one listening you are given the opportunity to talk about whatever you need to without judgement or interruption. The focus is on you, this is especially helpful when facing a dilemma or experiencing a trauma. The listener will have been trained to reflect back, to clarify and to ask only a certain amount. Its can be a powerful way of unpacking what causes us concern and pain.
Sharon Seal Tel: 01372-813200


There are times in our lives when to have another person, to talk to, about home and work-life is helpful. To evaluate how we are growing as disciples amidst the everyday. Currently about 30 people have a mentor in the church and feedback has been positive; if you are interested, do make contact.
Sharon Seal Tel: 01372-813200

Spiritual Direction

Unlike mentoring spiritual direction focuses completely on your relationship with God, your patterns of prayer and how you are maturing your faith. The companion you meet with may give you spiritual disciplines to follow, books to read etc. They would not be from this church family but a Christian from another Parish.
Sharon Seal Tel: 01372-813200