St George's 11 o'clock

picnicWe are a congregation who seek to build community and live together, growing together following Christ's example. Although predominantly a family service the age range spans from baby to "mature"!. There is an active home group system which people are encouraged to join so that we can meet together during the week, study the bible and deepen friendships.

We meet to worship at St George's Church at 11am on Sunday mornings where we have an informal style of worship including learning together and prayer with contemporary music led by a band. 5122-25

We have a family communion on the fourth Sunday of each month during which everyone is together for the service. The other weeks, children stay in for the first half of the service and then leave for their own program half way through.

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There is an active children's learning program including some 120 young people consisting of six groups:

Creche (0-3yrs), Scramblers (3-5yrs), Climbers (5 - year 2), Explorers (year 3-4), Pathfinders (year 5-6), House (years 7-9).

We love to welcome new people and look forward to meeting with you. bob kiteley
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